Bar & kitchen open from 5PM till late. Spoken Word/Freedom of Expression 8PM - 10PM
Free entry. 

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In the visual typography of Western media and entertainment the bodies of people of African descent have been and continue to be painted as a symbol of perversion, poverty, crime and shame. Studies reveal that others confront individuals from migrant and refugee backgrounds with ascriptions. These ascriptions are at times a result of one-dimensional media representation of the ‘other’ that result in interactions based on experiencing imagery that is heavily laden with stereotypes. As the prevalent of people of African descent living in New Zealand increases due to migration and birth, it becomes imperative to create stories that relate to the reality of those individuals. 

After the 'I AM' photographic exhibition at Studio One we will be taking it down the road to Neck of the Woods for some spoken word. The theme for this month is to continue the dialogue of the different perceptions of the African narrative. A line-up that ranges from people from African descent living in New Zealand, people who have worked in Africa and those that have interacted with migrants/refugees from Africa.

The only way we can undo these narratives is to understand the root of them and what impact they have, and the best way to do that is with spoken word.