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Doors open 10PM
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DropBassNZ presents Breakage (UK / Digital Soundboy)

With Support from Dylan C // Steezie Wonder // Surly

James Boyle AKA Breakage is UK sound system culture’s dark magus, shape shifting through the submarine pathways of the British ‘ardcore continuum, master of tension and chest rattling sonic frequencies.
When the Night Comes' is completely rooted in the thousands of hours of club time that James has put in, with a sense of space, groove and direct physical chestrattling impact that come direct from generations of soundsystem culture – but it is also about the entirety of his life. It may not be a rock record but it has rock’s dark intensity and virtuosity, not to mention bleak love songs that would fit the most Gothic Country & Western tales..

It brings in ambient, UK garage, soul, house, Industrial electro into its palette, and has the confidence to build from chilled and chilly atmospheres into high dancefloor drama. ‘When The Night Comes’, no one channels it’s blackness like Breakage.

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