Our Safe & sound policy


Neck of the Woods puts good vibes first. We are committed to creating a safe, friendly and inclusive community environment, that extends beyond our venue and throughout Karangahape Road.

The Woods does not tolerate any kind of bad buzz behaviour; including sexual harassment, racism, transphobia or homophobia. Behaviour that makes people feel unsafe or uncomfortable is not welcome in The Woods.

If you are feeling unsafe in any situation, we ask you please to reach out to our bar staff and security team for help - they are fully on board with our Safe & Sound policy.




“Parties are meant to be hedonistic, thoughtless, and even meaningless, which is all fine and ideologically sound, but everybody in the dance has a history and a culture they should feel proud to represent, not silence or hide. Having access to chill nightlife spots is essential. Our bodies are important to us. Our lives, including our racial and cultural backgrounds, matter—all the time. Running a “safe space” is about sharing and creating, trying to build something better. It’s not just a club night”


- Kareem Reid of Body Party