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PART 1/4
Your Name *
Your Name
What general kind of business are you in? *
If you do a combination of these things, just pick the main one.
How long have you been trading? *
In FTE's (full time equivalents)
Which bank do you use? *
For your main day-to-day business trading accounts.
How customers feel about you
PART 2/4
Question 1 *
Do you understand how the tool's customer sentiment feature works?
Question 2 *
In your business, do you feel that better customer service leads to more word-of-mouth sales and higher profits?
Question 3 *
Thinking about a tool that measures how likely customers are to recommend your business… how useful would this be to you?
Question 4 *
In your opinion, how useful is the “Net Promoter Score” as a clear and easy way to measure customer sentiment..?
Question 5 *
How useful would it be to know whether your customer sentiment is better or worse than your competitors?
Question 6 *
If you were using this feature, how often would you want to measure your customer sentiment?
PART 3/4
Do you currently have a “financial dashboard” for your business (of any sort)?
Question 8 *
How useful would it be, for you to have a financial dashboard like the one shown?
Question 9 *
How useful would it be to be able compare your performance against the average financial performance for your industry?
Question 10 *
If you had to enter your own data manually (rather than having it appear automatically), how likely would you be to use this feature?
Question 11
If you use an online accounting tool like Xero or MYOB, which of these features do you use?
Part 4/4
Question 12 *
Thinking in general about the tool… how valuable would something like this be to your business?
Question 13 *
If this tool started out free, but you found it useful... how much would you pay to keep it? (monthly)
Question 14 *
If another bank (not yours) offered this tool as a unique and free part of their internet banking... would you consider switching banks to use it?
Finally, do you have any other thoughts or feedback on this tool, that you'd like to share with us?
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