Corndogs, 35mm film, and Pokemon with LarzRanda

Tonight, the one and only LarzRanda will be taking to the stage with long-time collaborator, Totems, as part of a stellar line-up opening for Le1f. We had a chat with the dude.

How’re you doing?

Swell as, thank you.


It’s been about a year since you released the Rangers EP, and a few months since you dropped the Lifeguard video. Have you got anything in the pipeline at the mo?


Yes! A new music video for the song ‘Turtles’, produced by my friend Tom Dennison is set to be released soon! It’s a single take project shot on 35mm film! Thanks to rad people donating clams via PledgeMe, Candlelit Pictures were able to send the rolls off to LA to be processed.


I’m also working on some new music, but that’s a little bit of secret sauce!


" merry christmas y'all xxxx from your dream of the 90s human billboard friend chahoo! have a good one"

"merry christmas y'all xxxx from your dream of the 90s human billboard friend chahoo! have a good one"

We’ve recently been seeing a heap of dope drawings and photography coming from your direction - is this some new creative wave you’re on? Or just something you’ve begun to share with your fans, or?


A few years ago, I began drawing pictures of people biting into corn dogs at the Iowa state fair. It felt really fun stylising imagery of midwestern people in an obscure way.


Around this time, I also came across an old point and shoot Canon for 5 huck at a Hospice shop and started taking photos. My good pal Alan ran an exhibit in 2015 called ‘No Mind’, he really inspired and encouraged me to begin sharing my work - I finished the ’Goober’ zine in time for the event, and also showed a print of my friend Trieste eating some pizza on Dominion Road.


FORT*WORTH by Alan Waddingham

FORT*WORTH by Alan Waddingham

Oh, discovering the joys of scanning everyday has also been super fun, and made me want to share lots more things too. Last year I found this mag with the old TV3 logo (such a beauty) in the Hawkes Bay - posting things like that feels so nice like, “Yo, remember this gravy!” Look out for a CC’s post coming soon haha.


Where’d the name ‘Randa’ come from? What about the evolution to ‘LarzRanda’? Are you secretly a pokemon? Is this your final form?


Randa is a childhood nickname, and the Larz part evolved from a character I would write about when creating music. It’s probably my final, but then again, maybe we in the Charmeleon stage.


LarzRanda by  by Alan Waddingham

LarzRanda by by Alan Waddingham

You’re playing with Totems tonight, opening for Le1f. You guys have got a rad vibe and stage presence together - are you doing anything special in preparation?

Preparation will involve a practice sesh and lots of water because hydration is important (as are snacks!!). Reuben is a such rad dude, last time we hung out he had a pyjama shirt on and looked so damn fresh. I’m stoked to join forces for such a special show like Le1f :)