This week we catch up with Bobby Brazuka, the man behind George Sundays Mucho Aroha Radio. Bobby is known as the unofficial ambassador of Brazilian music and culture in New Zealand, as well as being a representative of New Zealand music scene back in Brazil. He continuously strives to represent, showcase, combine and promote both NZ and Brazilian music communities through and through. 


Mucho Aroha Music is the one and only Kiwi-Brazillian music label. When did Mucho Aroha Music first begin?

Mucho Aroha was an idea that I had back in 2014. I had already gone to Brazil with Katchafire in their first Brazil Tour and noticed how many of my fellow Brazilians shared the same love for New Zealand Music as I do. So I started to put together a compilation of Kiwi music I thought would go well, I would call it Sounds of New Zealand and went after the rights of songs from Fat Freddy's Drop, Ladi 6, Sola Rosa, Mark de Clive-Lowe, P.Money, Julien Dyne to name a few. The comp came out on vinyl and digital and was a great success in Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro.

When did you realise you wanted and needed to create a label?

I created the label when I put out the first Latinaotearoa album as I already had the idea in mind and thought why not have my own band as my first signed artist. lol.

Mucho Aroha Music is very much a niche label, combining the sounds of New Zealand and Brazil. How do you find having a tight-knit and closely curated label in a small country?

It is tough work but pays off when people sing along to the songs of the Black Seeds in a concert in Sao Paulo or when Latinaotearoa is playing at an NZ Summer Festival and we get more than 1000 people dancing. A label in my mind is just the bridge between the music and the people.

You are locally known as the ambassador for Brazilian Music in New Zealand, along with working as a promoter, DJ, musician and radio show host. What came first? 

I find it funny this ambassador title thing as I believe I just work hard and I'm a very passionate person in everything I do. I guess they all come together as one, make the music, promoting, Djing out and about or in the radio is all part of the big job which is spreading my two cultures in a music format.

What was your first memory of music?

My mum playing a Bossa Nova vinyl by Elis Regina, she had such a beautiful voice.

What was your first memory of New Zealand music?

I think what touched me first was when I was an exchange student in New Zealand and I saw the video for Land of Plenty by OMC . That was when I first start loving New Zealand and its music.

Above: OMC Land Of Plenty music video

In your eyes, what are the core similarities between New Zealand music and Brazilian music?

I think it's the ocean. We are very creative people but I think both Brazilian and Kiwi music is very popular worldwide because all our music is made based in the ocean.But that's my little theory.

Locally and internationally, who would you say are the most exciting artists right now?

Eno x Dirty, Bailey Wiley, Melodownz, Team Dynamite, Teeks, Emicida, Marcelinho da Lua, Andersoon P.aak, and the list goes on.