The Grow Room Sessions goes live.

Giving us a more intimate and accessible peek into the sound of some of our favourite local musicians and artists, The Grow Room Sessions is an ongoing web series created by The Grow Room team. The series features sessions with almost every artist and musician associated with their space and community, from Bailey Wiley and MELOWDOWNZ to Rackets and ENO X DIRTY. 

This Saturday we welcome Bailey Wiley, ThirdEye and Heavy to Neck of the Woods as part of the 'The Grow Room Live Sessions'. We caught up with Larsen from The Grow Room to ask a few questions about their new ongoing event.

The Grow Room sessions has been a series of videos you have created successfully over the last year, what originally pushed you and your team to create these videos? 

The Grow Room sessions came about early last year after the addition of videographers Jasper Jay and Bryce Tobin to the team. They came into this with an enthusiastic vision to capture performances of artists within The Grow Room family as soon as they jumped on with us. It’s also something I think we were considering for a while as well, but they came into it with strength and they’re still going strong today.

Moving from an online series to a live experience, The Grow Room Sessions Live debuted last Thursday, and the second event will be this weekend at Neck of The Woods with Bailey, Heavy and Third3ye. Was having a live version of the sessions always an idea, or has it been more of a spontaneous progression? 

We’ve toyed with the idea for a while but not in an explicit ‘live’ conversion of the series. Previously we’d just looked at including sessions artists into our Exhibition lineups, which are the events that we’ve become know for. It only just clicked recently to transfer the series into a live setting, the concept was already there and people have become familiar with the presence of the online video series, so everything just connected naturally.

Can we expect the Grow Rooms Sessions Live to continue throughout the year?

We’ve got a few more shows lined up, including a show with some of the remaining artists from our first two seasons of The Grow Room Sessions. Following on from that we have something special lined up, which will surface eventually. Stay tuned for details on our