Cyantific wakes up to 'Jump' by Van Halen

Jon Stanley been in the scene for a minute now, bursting the stratosphere - at the time, in partnership with Matt Whitehead - under the moniker of 'Cyantific' in 2006 with 'Ghetto Blaster,' a year later, the duo copped BBC 1Xtra Best Newcomer DJ award in 2007. In 2009, Whitehead departed and Stanley shouldered the complete Cyantific outfit, after which Stanley dabbled in creating his own label, CYN Music, then, in 2014 signing exclusively to Viper Recordings. 

The drum and bass aficionado, creator, influencer that is Cyantific is hitting our shores to play Neck of the Woods this Saturday, on a ridiculous double headliner including Viper Recording's family, Mob Tactics.

When have we ever passed up an opportunity to chat with a DnB insider?

What artists and genres did you tune into growing up?

I was really into Michael Jackson as a kid. After that, I got into NWA, Cypress Hill, and The Prodigy. I discovered pirate radio shortly after that phase, and I was hooked on drum & bass!


How about nowadays? Any ‘guilty pleasures’ per se - you know, those tracks among the pop Top 40 charts?

I'm really into my 80's music. It reminds me of being very young. There's so much of it to discover still as well. Guilty pleasures? Well, the last few weeks I've been waking up to 'Jump' by Van Halen. That's an early morning rinse out!


What’s your process when producing music? Can you work anywhere?

Yeah, I love to work on the road. I'm really into getting the most out of the time while I'm away - there's no distractions, no errands to run, no dog to walk. Generally, I take projects I've already started. Although, my next single has a track on it called 'Hollywood,' which I started while I was out there in January. 


Do you think about the people you’re making tracks for when piecing them together?

I think firstly about how I feel about it. Then sometimes I think more generally about the way it will work on the dance floor. I'm not really worried about who it appeals to, so long as it ticks the right boxes for me. 


Where’d the idea for the Cyantific FM podcast come from? How’s it treating you?

The reaction has been really good. I felt like I needed to put something out there on a monthly basis to show what I felt was the best of DnB as it happens. I'm lucky enough to get sent a load of music, so it's good to share it with people. 

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself, back when all the fast-track madness started, before the release of ‘Ghetto Blaster’?

That's a great question. I'd definitely say you need to learn more about the musical aspect of production now, to stand you in good stead for the future. Also don't ever take your foot off the gas - it's easy to get there, but it's hard to stay there.