LMC came here to make beats

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The end of this week signals the return of the underground vibe-heavy party Bassment. Renowned for bringing seriously talented internet producers to an irl audience, many of whom are anonymous beforehand, each party is history in the making.

Speaking of anonymous internet beat superstars, this right here represents the first interview with crazy yung talent, LMC. 


You co-founded Slo:Wave back in 2014 with Wayvee. What were your motivations behind starting the crew, and how would you describe its purpose to an outsider?

Really we were all just a bunch of like minded producers/homies who wanted a platform to release our music through. It is also becoming a great way to showcase local talent, which there is a lot of right now.


There’s not much information on yourself floating about the internet. Was it a conscious decision to keep the music and your personal identity separate?

Not at all, I guess I just wanted LMC to be about the music without the gimmicks.


Can you tell us much about what you get up to on the daily? Do you have a ‘day job’?

Right now its 100% music and having fun with it. While also working on getting myself to where I want to be as an artist, making connections, and planning moves that will benefit myself in the long term.


Oh yeah, I also sell my soul part time to Pita Pit.


What brought you to making music?

I guess it was when I was 17. I suffered a pretty gnarly broken ankle skateboarding, up until then skateboarding was my life. I wasn't able to skate for a while so I copped an mpc1000 and started making hip hop beats. After my ankle had healed I found myself enjoying music more and skateboarding less. I guess it just continued on from there.


Are you the kind of producer who prefers creating beats, or showing them off to an audience?

Definitely creating beats. But it's also a cool feeling to hear what you’ve created being played out live. Seeing the crowds reaction.


What can punters expect from your set at BASSMENT on Friday?

Some Slo:Wave joints mixed in with music I love. But they can also expect some young thug bangers. Lol.


Roll through Bassment Vol 3 on Friday to go deep to the tune of LMC, KATANTA, SYSI, T1R and 2047.