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Doors open 7pm






Spoken word, live drumming and open mic session with performances by:
Jahra 'Rager' Wasasala
Tanya 'MC Silva' Dyer
Munashe Tuwe

From the organisers:
"We are not vases to be filled, rather we are flames to be lit. The time to be silenced is never. The time to stifle our expression is never. Free your mind, free your soul, free your voice and free yourself. 
Join us on the 11th of November at Neck of the Woods for a night of live drumming and spoken word performances. This night is for us to express our daily experiences, we going to hop on the mic and tell our stories.

Everyone is welcome to bless the mic.
Free entry. All you have to do is bring your uncensored self. 

The awesome team at Neck of the Woods will be serving some delicious goodness on the menu as well as African inspired cocktails"

click here for more details and information about the participating artists