For Djemba Djemba, versatility is king. From bass powered festival bangers to mass-appealing future pop to intelligent headphone music, Djemba’s main focus is to create truly authentic, and refreshingly unexpected music that defies classification. 

Djemba’s diverse productions have brought songs with big names such as Diplo, Justin Beiber, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Sia, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears; as well as underground heroes such as Obey City, RL Grime, London Future, Trippy Turtle, DJ Hoodboi, and Mr. Carmack.

Vice - “Djemba Djemba's honest about his perspective on music. He's unconcerned with giving off any artistic allure whatsoever, and yet, he completely controls the conversation, and later, the dance floor.”

Support from Katana, Jono Fektious, Red Rum DJ's, Lee Matthews & Bavhu.

$20 early birds on sale now here

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