Since relocating to Auckland Captain K+Lab has found the perfect sidekicks to bring you a fully fledged live band experience. Get ready to see The Mothership land at Neck of the Woods where they'll be reimagining his back catalogue, some brand new jams and some chunked up covers.

Caleb Cowie aka Captain K+Lab - Keytar + Samples

Laughton Kora aka Salty L - Keytar, Talkbox + Vocals

Joe Cowie aka Little Massive - Guitar + Vocals

Pete Victorious aka Smack daddy- Drums

Michael Rockwell aka The Mic Smith- Raps

Daniel Klinac aka Saxy time- Sax

Guest Vocals from - Tali
Extra special guest support from:

Tali (live), Sambora (Shapeshifter), Downtown brown, Mat randomplay, Rhyas, Scott Detail & Adam O.

Tickets on the door from 9pm
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