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It's Lick's 3rd Birthday!

Lick has a long history in supporting our rainbow community's organisations across Australasia and giving back as much as we can, where we can. 

In the spirit of their 3rd Birthday Lick will be donating $5 from each ticket to Rainbow Youth, an amazing organisation that provides support, information, advocacy for young queer and trans* people up to the ages of 28. 

Hip Hop // R&B // Electro House // Old School + New School Jams

Lick welcomes your invited male guests. We put our trust in our guests to only invite respectful, considerate and supportive friends, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to our Lick events. Aggressive, disrespectful & homophobic behavior will not be tolerated. We are a space for love, fun, celebrations, acceptance and good music. 

Doors open 10pm
$10 on the door (before 11pm)
$15 on the door (after 11pm) 

Full line up and more details on the Facebook event page