Bar & kitchen open 5pm
Event starts 6:30pm
No cover charge



Every time the phrase "be a man" is uttered, our natural reaction is to cringe because what does it mean to be a man?

Isn't being a man something that is dictated by the individual based on their personal preferences, lived experiences as well as the lens in which they view the world in?

For the second spoken word night we are handing the mic over to our brothers to share with us what being a man is about in their own words. Because hypermasculinity is a problem. And in order to build a bridge over societal expectations we need to come together in the spirit of understanding. After all, all we need is love and to get to a place of love there needs to be understanding. 

The theme ManKIND is based on the premise of reframing masculinity. We are asking the brothers (and sisters) to speak about their experiences with life. It can be a freestyle about your views on something or it can be a track about the daily grind. It can be whatever you want to express, the space and the mic is for you.

Check out the official Facebook event page and send them a message if you'd like to be involved