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Disentomb NZ Tour 2019 - EARLY SHOW


Disentomb are an Australian death metal band from Brisbane. They were founded soon after the disestablishment of Brisbane death metal act Cadaverine by three of its five members: Jordan Phillip, Henri Sison and Jake Wilkes formed Disentomb, together with bassist Tom Joice. The band have released two full-length albums, Sunken Chambers of Nephilim (2010) and Misery (2014).

Aaron Lynn of Death Metal Underground opined that the group "creates dark and dissonant brutal death metal yet still stays true to the frenetic riff-salad recipe that is inherent to the brutal death metal artistic voice. On Misery, the internal dialogue of these riffs projects the type of landscape we might find in a dystopian wasteland, tearing songwriting down to its bare, primal foundations in a method evocative of early Suffocation."

Earlier Event: August 16
Later Event: August 17
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