Berlin-based Emanuel Satie is taking on Australasia

This Saturday we invite AUDIO back to Neck of The Woods. This time round the crew has lined up Berlin-based producer and live act Emanuel Satie to play, with support from AUDIO's Resident DJS - Parry, Rob Martyn and Grant Marshall. This Saturday's gig will be Emanual's first and only New Zealand show. We caught up with him briefly mid-tour to ask him a few questions.

Via Emanuel Satie facebook

Via Emanuel Satie facebook

This is your first time touring throughout Australasia, what are you most excited about? 

Where do I start? There are so many things I’m looking forward to, but I’m always most excited about meeting new people. You guys have a reputation for being very friendly and funny, so definitely that. Also local food. I love trying new stuff. Travelling when playing doesn’t leave you too much time to check out many things, but one thing that you can definitely always grasp is the vibe and feel of a place. It’s totally different everywhere. This is something I’m looking forward to discovering as well.

You produce all your own music. What part of both your creative process' and performing process’ do you find most rewarding? 

There are a couple of moments that are extremely rewarding. The first one is the moment when it just clicks at the studio and you know you got something good cooking. It can happen so suddenly, you fiddle around pointlessly for hours and nothing happens and all of a sudden the muse decides you struggled enough and something in your brain connects and you got this wonderful idea and you got a party going on at the studio. The most rewarding part of the process although is definitely playing your new track to a crowd and seeing everyone go nuts to it. Or even better, seeing one of your favorite DJs playing it whilst everyone is going nuts. Sounds like making music is all fun and games now, but every minute of feeling rewarded is paid for in about an hour of being frustrated. lol.

You are playing at Neck of the Woods this Saturday, what can we expect?

It always depends on how the vibe is on the night, but you can be sure that we will end up having a blast to some wild, energetic house and techno music in the end.

A bunch of young NZ musicians have recently relocated to Berlin, how would you describe the music scene over there? Do you think it has helped with your growth and success being based in Berlin?

Berlin can be both a blessing or a curse. There is so much going on, especially party-wise, that it is easy to get lost. I think it’s very important to know exactly why you come here and then follow through on your plans. Enjoy the city, but don’t get carried away too much. It took me some months to learn this, but now that I did, Berlin is definitely helping me. There’s a big pool of like-minded producers, that you can talk and learn from and you can see a lot of great DJ's on a daily basis in the clubs here, so definitely a lot to draw inspiration from and also the quality of life here is very high, lots of young, open minded people, good restaurants, bars etc. Come and visit y’all!

Tickets for this gig are available at - get in quick!