Five minutes with Spell

Local legend DJ Spell is throwing one big fundraising gig this Saturday to get himself back to London for the DMC World Finals. Last year he came second, and we are keen to see him compete again. Spell will perform his 2015 DMC routine this Saturday night alongside sets from the likes of P Money, Team Dynamite and King Kapisi. 

Last year you came second in the 2015 DMC World DJ Championship, what have you been up to since then?

Watching wrestling (turns out it's actually real) and writing funny stories (I have one cat story, ask me when I see you).

You have played opening sets for the likes of KRS-ONE, Ghostface, Mos Def and Action Bronson. it’s pretty impressive. Ultimately who would be your dream to open for, or play alongside?

Mel Gibson

You have been part of DJ competitions for a while now and taken out some pretty major titles. How do you prepare yourself for these events? Do you get nervous?

I drink Ribena (antioxidants n shit)

What do you think the biggest misconception is about DJ’ing? It’s a status thrown around pretty casually these days.

That dj'ing is hard (it's actually not, 98% of the time we’re doing nothing)

The fundraiser gig this Saturday is to get you to London to compete in this year's DMC World Finals comp. The gig is going to be huge, the line up is so good. What can we expect? Any surprises?

Please keep your expectations low (surprises come a lot easier that way)

Come see Spell in the flesh this Saturday, NO MONEY IN THE BANK (DJ Spell Fundraiser). Doors open 9:00pm.