Electric Wire Hustle return home with The 11th Sky

Local legends Electric Wire Hustle are returning home to New Zealand this week to play at Neck of the Woods to celebrate their new album, The 11th Sky. We caught up with EWH member Mara TK on his way back to NZ to ask him a bit about the new album and his plans to celebrate.

First of all, Welcome back to New Zealand. How long since you've been back?

We have been living in Wellington mostly since the birth of our first child, we had a stint living in Berlin, but we went there with the idea that it was finite; that I would use Berlin as a base to develop the band in Europe. I think you need about a decade there to break a band into their scene though!

What do you guys miss most about NZ?

There are no beaches in Berlin just a few lakes which you have to pay to get into.

The 11th Sky, how would you describe the new album? 

David Lynch meets Motown

How does it differ to your past albums?

This album contains a lot of surrealist and mystic references that you see in the poetry of Naruda, W.B Yeats and Walt Witman, they take you to another world where reality is in question or reality is amplified through a certain lens. My lens is a Māori/sci fi futurist/social narrative one...

Who were your musical influences growing up, compared to your musical influences now?

Growing up; Jimi Hendrix, MJ, Motown and some African groups such as Tinariwen from Mali 

Personally - How do you plan to celebrate the new album?

On the 1st October in AKL and 7th in my hometown of Welly. Then when it's all over I'mma chill at home to some Jim Jarmuch and get super blazed.

Come check out Electric Wire Hustle at Neck of the Woods this Saturday, supported by local legendary DJ crew The Turnaround. It will definitely be a night not to be missed.