The Genius of DILLA : Our favourite tracks

Tomorrow night we are teaming up with our good friends Grindin' over the ditch (now in their 8th year) to put on a special event, The Genius of DILLA. We caught up with P-Money, Lo-Key, Dylan C, Dan Paine, Gregg Harper and Hudge who are all playing tomorrow night, to ask about their all-time favourite Dilla tracks.

P-MONEY : Phat Kat - 'Don't Nobody'

"I have a whole lot of favourite Dilla joints; A Tribe Called Quest "Get A Hold", Slum Village "Fall In Love", Q-Tip "Move", the entire Jay Dee Donuts album...the list is endless. But for this moment I'm gonna highlight Phat Kat's "Don't Nobody Care About Us". This is the B-Side of his single "Dedicated to the Suckers" released in 1999 on Houseshoes records. 

I remember picking up this 12 inch and being completely mesmerized by the beat. The way the synth arpeggio goes around and around and the low strings creep up on the 3rd and 4th bar. It was hypnotic and like nothing I had ever heard before (or since). 

Years later when the original sample was revealed it only gave me a deeper appreciation for the record. I'm in awe of Jay Dee's ear for finding the illest samples and his skill in flipping the original record's 3/4 timing in to a never ending perfect 4/4 loop. 

Put this one on repeat and vibe out"

DYLAN C : Brother Jack McDuff - 'Oblighetto (Remix)'

"There's so many great Jay Dee / Dilla productions to choose from, but this one has always been a stand out for me. Jack McDuff's original version of "Oblighetto" begins with an upbeat swing feel to it, which Dilla has flipped into a classic boom-clap vibe. Dilla uses all the main ingredients: organ stabs, haunting vocal and wicked trumpet melody, but it's his drum programming which really gives this track that unmistakable Dilla feel to it. Essential listening for the heads." 

LO KEY : Phife Dwg - 'Dear Dilla'

"One of my favourite tributes for Jay Dee by the one and only Phife Dwg (R.I.P) in his words '' I had to shout it out to the big homie'". I am looking forward to getting down with homies on that Dilla sheeiitt and raising it up for Ma Dukes and the Jay Dee Foundation"

HUDGE :  A Tribe Called Quest - 'Keep It Moving '

"It's so hard to pick out a favourite Dilla tune, almost impossible, but if I had to pick the one I've played the most over the years it'd probably be A Tribe Called Quest's "Keep It Moving" released in '96 on the much-celebrated Beats, Rhymes and Life album. He produced this under the moniker The Ummah when he teamed up with Tribe's Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and was Tribe's response to the East Coast/West Coast beef...this tune became an instant classic as did the album.

It samples a cheeky guitar hook from Howard Roberts's Roadwork and for me it's just an all round dope tune with a positive message released when shit was getting real bad in the States.

"I ain't got no time for schuckin and jivin' Keep it movin"

DAN PAINE : Steve Spacek - 'Eve' (J Dilla Remix) & Slum Village - 'Untitled/Fantastic'

"This is a tough question as there are too many to choose from but without overthinking it... so here's two.

Steve Spacek - 'Eve' (J Dilla Remix) - Heavy keyboard bass-line and drums with Spacek's voice floating over the top - so beautiful plus the great cameo from Frank N' Dank make this a top-5 Dilla tune for me.

Slum Village - 'Untitled/Fantastic' - Floaty sample interpolations contrasting with snapping snare-drums and some of my favourite verses from the Baatin, T3 & Dilla + production tricks on the vocals where Dilla cuts off the lyrics"

This show directly raises money for The Dilla Foundation and through that, his family. Come along tomorrow night from 9PM to hear the best "all Dilla no fill" DJ sets from NZ's best.

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