Hello & Welcome to Fully Explicit

After being on our radar for so long, tonight we are hyped to welcome Fully Explicit to The Woods. They're one of the few local club nights that push to provide and promote a fully inclusive space for women, queer, trans, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual people and people of colour. The night is for all who want to get down and dance; they are known for their deconstructed club bangers and DJ sets full of the best explicit rap, house, vogue, jungle and r&b. Fully Explicit is a collective, a space and a conversation; we caught up with Rachael (aka Creamy Mami) to ask her more about Fully Explicit and what they hope to achieve each gig.

How do you prepare sets for each gig, and decide on the vibe collectively? Or do you just run with whatever you are all feeling at the time?

It's just really whoever wants to play whatever! We are all mates with great music taste and love to party! We fully trust each other to just bring it and we live for hyping each other up. I love being surprised by my mates sets and being like "wwooooooowwwww".

With Joanna (Lil Hoe on the Prairie) currently located in Melbourne, we see DJ Mimosa and and GG have been added to the mix this Saturday. Can you tell us a bit about who they are and what to expect from them?

We still reeling from losing Jo to Melbourne but now we're seeing it as an expansion of our brand. I (Rach) am going to move to Melbourne later in the year as well and we are definitely going to put on Fully Explicit nights there as well as keeping it going here with Nikolai (Brown boy Magik) and our other friends who we regularly put on. GG is Mya Middleton an artist and curator who I met when our mutual friend put us on Radio Burgerfuel and our music tastes clicked. Mimosa is my mate Marcus who also has a radio show on Sunday night on Base FM and have both played Fully Explicit nights a few times before. We feel like they are naturally part of our crew as they have been supporting us from the start and we love everything they play.

Fully Explicit is all about inclusion and creating a safe environment around music and nightlife.  I know this is an issue other musicians, venues and promoters struggle with. What would your advice be to local venues, musicians and promoters to help extend these messages beyond your gigs?

Include us and most importantly talk to us! Discourse is the best course. There is a whole group of amazing people who have so much to give to Auckland's struggling scene who currently aren't being fully included. Some people don't want to concede their outdated views on what the scene should be for the betterment of everyone. But lets face it - the future is queer! There are amazing people like Golden Dawn and NOTW who are really trying tho! Auckland is hard!

Locally, there isn’t a huge amount of female DJs around. Rachael, what are your experiences with being a female DJ, both on the radio and IRL at gigs?

I feel like being a queer DJ is especially hard cause the majority of music men who run the scene are mostly confused by me and the music I play and what it means to be queer and how that totally influences my music and style of DJ'ing. Also having a sexually explicit club night peaks people's interest but then they are confused that it's not a heteronormative sexuality we celebrating. People don't really like to think too much about things that don't effect them but I am always thinking about exposing shit. I am too much and I am crazy. Lol that's some potent ingredients for fucking shit up! I absolutely love playing on 95 BFM and that they let me play whatever I want cause they know I play what everyone don't. I love getting txts and calls from people being like "what the fuck is this??"

Who would be the ultimate Fully Explicit line up, if you could bring anybody on board to play alongside your local crew?

This is easy!! Juliana Huxtable, Brooke Powers and Habits from Melb, Total Freedom, Kingdom, Venus X, Nguzunguzu, Kim Ann Foxman, Kablam, Toxe, Lotic, DJ Erika Kayne! Special guest performances by Spice and Cardi B lol.