A chat with Semisi from Marlin's Dreaming

Tonight we welcome back Marlin's Dreaming to Neck of the Woods. Just over a month since their last show with us, they're now back for another special Auckland performance. The band formed just over a year ago, but their second single Floating hit 430,000 plays on Spotify as they wrapped up a sold out nationwide tour in mid-January this year. As well as a strong-hold of loyal fans back home in Dunedin, Marlin's Dreaming has earnt so much love and attention right here in Auckland, they needed to come back for a second show before summer ended. We caught up with Semisi the lead singer of the band just before tonight’s gig.

Hey Semisi, thanks for chatting to me just three days before your Auckland gig! How are you feeling about returning to Auckland this Friday?

Yeah we are frothing! Our last show in Auckland was such a mean buzz so hopefully we can get the same froth going.

Last time you were with us you guys played a packed out show on a Wednesday. Pretty rare for Auckland. What was the most interesting and noticeable differences between the crowds in different cities on your January tour?

Well I guess maybe the difference between Hawkes Bay and Auckland. Hawkes Bay was a super laid back crowd, easy to talk to and get along with. Auckland was like full noise, people were super drunk and frothy which is sick as well haha. Both styles of crowds have their pluses and minuses. Hopefully some wild roosters make it to K Road!

Since the band formed just over a year ago, you guys have played in Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch, Wanaka, Queenstown, Lyttelton, Napier and Taupo. Has there been a highlight show so far?

Probably Christchurch! Christchurch always has a great crowd. Lot of legends in Chch.

What's the strangest thing that's happened at a gig?

Last gig we played in Dunedin a chick was trying to dance on top of one of the subs, and was attempting to climb the PA on top of the sub… pretty funny to watch… what’s better is our sound engineer was holding her up!!!

What about the wildest?

Auckland for sure.


You guys went on your first nationwide tour in January, when you played at Neck of the Woods. Were there any expectations for how the shows would go or were you just winging it?

We had no idea to be honest haha… It was cool to see a few characters rock up which is gr8888.

The band is made up of Tim, Oscar, Hamish and yourself. How would you describe each band member? 

Tim - Gandalf the great. Man of few, but meaningful words.

Oscy - King of admin. Loves a fat yarn and some Neil Young.

Hamish - Very beautiful man. easy, he's just easy!

Best and worst habits you all have as a band?

Ah, well sometimes we go overboard with ice creams at the dairy! Ha! best habit is frothing the hardest out of anyone

When you guys are all back in Dunedin, not travelling, recording or practising, what do you all like to get up to?

Just try not to be too much of a dropkick really… go surfing, get food, make music, buy pot plants!

Do any of you play in other bands currently or been involved in previous music projects before Marlin’s Dreaming?

Hamish is in a band called MillPool, Timber is a producer, he produced/wrote an album called “Aristocrat Barista Cat” under the alias ‘lowagrove’. Oscar was in a band called The Doorays, and I was in a band called GROMz.

You have previously described the sound of Marlin’s Dreaming as "kind of like psychedelic rock”. Is this still how you would describe it today?

Ahh I guess, I'm  bad at describing music . The best thing to do is just listen and see what you think. Whether the sounds agree with you or not, because it’s all subjective and everyone reacts to different music in different ways.

Having such a big come up in the last 6 months on the New Zealand Music scene, what are your plans this year for the band?

PLAY GIGS! and we're bringing out an EP/Album this year too :)

Your music video visuals and PR photos have a very particular style. Having a strong visual direction and styling from the get-go is very impressive. How do you guys mutually create and decide on branding and direction choices?

We just TRY and suss a concept or idea that hasn’t been smashed yet by everyone. But it is very hard to be original! I could ask you the same question!!!?? haha


Come along tonight to Marlin's Dreaming from 9pm ~ Tickets available here!

Listen to Marlin's Dreaming over on Spotify.