Meet our June artists, Jess & Lew!

This month we invited artist duo, best friends and flatmates Jezz and Lew to our monthly artist programme. Alongside art, the two bond over their love for wine, 80’s babes and leopard prints.  Lewin recently moved back to Auckland from Canada, reuniting the two best friends and launching themselves as a creative duo. We caught up with the two to chat about their friendship, art and influences.


First of all, how did you two meet? 

When we were younger our ex-boyfriends skated together and we instantly bonded over wine and illustrating. 

Being best friends who you live and work together; what are the things you both admire about each other?

Lew: I love that we’re always pushing each other to be more creative. If one of us is in the lounge drawing, the other one will always end up doing the same. We have super different styles but love drawing the same kind of subject matter so I always love seeing what Jess comes up with. 

Jess: What Lew said, plus she’s a mean cook. 


Lewin, you are part of the upcoming art show Good Exposure 2 - What can we expect from you in that show?

I’m hoping to branch out with some larger pieces than I’m used to. 

Both studying fine arts, what did you both major in?

We both worked across multiple mediums, but majored in Fine Art. 

What are the main things you took from your studies over to your practices today?

We both took away a strong sense that we didn’t quite vibe with the Fine Art world and we both found ourselves realising illustration was more our thing. 

Working as a team how do you split and balance mixed work? 

We rough out some ideas between us and decide who does what aspect and then make it work.  

Locally and internationally, what artists, designers, and creatives do you admire?

Lew: I’m mainly inspired by tattooers, locally Richard and Sera from Two Hands and Capilli from Sunset are some of my favourites. As well as painters like Marlene Dumas, Tracey Emin and Cecily Brown, which were some of my favourites during art school.

Jess: While studying my biggest influences were Polly nor, Celeste Mountjoy (aka Filthyratbag), Egon Shiele and David Shrigley. Locally I’d say I’m pretty influenced/inspired by artists like Imogen Taylor and so many of my creative and musician pals like Ahnand Unka. 

Dream Client?

Danzig or a beer company comes in a close second.

Best thing you have seen on the internet this week?

Shredded cheese memes and tinyhat_skatelife Instagram page

Top five tracks to paint/draw to?

Funky Town- Lipps inc

Turbo Lover- Judas Priest 

Jolene - Dolly Parton

Pour some sugar on me- Def Leppard

She Rides - Danzig

Three artists you would give anything to see perform live? 

Jess: Dolly Parton, Black Sabbath & Elvis Presley.

Lew: Dolly Parton, Frank Ocean & Glass Animals.

Please doodle us a pic of you two




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