Meet our August artist, Msmeemo!

Leading us into August is our new monthly artist, the wonderful and talented Ngaumu Jones aka Msmeemo. Growing up in Opotiki, Ngaumu moved to Auckland six years ago to study at Elam School of Fine Arts. She's into everything from making clothes to filming, stick and poke tattoos and animation. There is no limit to her creativity. With a huge amount of mystery to her name and a whole lotta potential, we asked her to come onboard to take care of our August artwork. 


You'RE ORIGINALLY FROM Opotiki. can you tell us a bit about growing up there?

Driving through it doesn't look like much but it’s a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. Everyone kinda knows everyone. Opo kids seem to stick together, all my friends from there all keep in touch and we catch up when we can. 

How did you find Elam? 

A struggle.

What are the main lessons and practices from art school that you implement in your work today?

I would say art school taught me how to THINK about art. Art is more than just a pretty picture. It can speak and move people. It influences the way people think and feel which is incredible.

You Dabble in many different creative outlets, What are you enjoying the most right now?

Stick and poke tattoos and taking drawing digital. Both have opened a whole new world to me.

when did you start tattooing?

Summer of last year.

Check out Ngaumu's stick & poke work at @ngamoolie

How would you describe your art in your own words?

Cosmic brain goo.

Locally and internationally, which artists, designers and creatives do you admire?

To name a few … Matisse, Hayao Miyazaki, Parris Goebel and every single one of my flatmates!


Dream Client?

Hayao Miyazaki or Will Smith 

Best thing you've seen on the internet this week?

Isle of Dogs (the movie)

Top five tracks to paint/draw to?

OMG this is so hard to decide. Here are some random goodies from my playlist.

 - Find a Way // a tribe called quest

- Sweet Thang // shuggy Otis

- True honey buns // bahamadia

Testin me // peven Everett

-Flowers // the deli

Three artists you would give anything to see perform live? 

Missy Elliot, In This Moment and The Notorious B.I.G.