Meet our September artist, Dune Terrace!

Indi Martin-Wells creates art under the name Dune Terrace, inspired by a past illustration she drew inspired by Whatipu Beach. Indi is one of the two directors behind local art community GOOD EXPOSURE. She has collaborated with the likes of Happy Boy Eatery and Allpress Coffee, as well as being involved in numerous group shows, the most recent being Monster Valley’s The Experiment. We chat to Indi from her new spot in Orewa, where she will be basing herself for the summer.


You have just moved back to Orewa! Tell us a bit about growing up there?

It was a time.. my friends and I would go to the dairy after school, grab a dollar bag of grape lollies, a can of Golden Pash and head to Orewa Skate Park. I built myself a long board when I was 16 so I could cruise around with my friends, I never learnt to use the mini ramp though. In summer, I would wake with the sunshine and dive into the ocean to start my day.. usually followed by a trip up to Tawharanui or an op-shopping mission with my friends. 

How do you think growing up on the coast has influenced your art?

The coast is and has always been overflowing with creative minds and positive places. Growing up in these surroundings helped me learn the importance of creative expression - the influence of my environment inspired me to create imagery from what I had seen and imagined. 

You are one of the co-founders and directors of Good Exposure? How did Good Exposure come about?

Bella Gummer organized the first show in March this year in an empty villa. She asked me to paint a mural in the hallway of the house, so I did. It was such a good show and party that I expressed my excitement for the opportunity it brought me as an artist, and the other artists involved. Our ideas aligned and we decided to curate a second show together (Good Exposure Vol.2) which was even better! Good Exposure was born out of a mutual excitement, and passion for the emerging Auckland art community!

Above: Indi's mural at Happy Boy

Above: Indi's mural at Happy Boy

You have worked across numerous group shows, before and within Good Exposure, and most recently Monster Valley’s, The Experiment. What do you count as the top traits and key values to a successful group show?

The Experiment was an AMAZING experience! It is so wonderful to be immersed in a community of like-minded creatives. I think the trick to manifesting a successful group show is the diversity of the artists. Alongside doing everything with passion, from curation to production. If you get together a group of creatives from different backgrounds and niches, it opens up opportunities for everybody involved. Diversity allows the artist to speak through their art to a variety of people, which is also a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone as an artist. Seeing artists have their work appreciated by strangers is the most rewarding feeling as an exhibition curator. I am so excited about the summer Good Exposure exhibition!

Above: Indi painting at The Experiment

Above: Indi painting at The Experiment

Dune Terrace is your art alias, where did the name come from?

A Terrace of Dunes, a past illustration I drew inspired by Whatipu beach.

Where do you hope to take your art in the next 12 months?

I don't think I will ever stop creating content, so as long as I keep going, I think the opportunity will come - I don't like to plan too much. I live by the idea that hope can breed disappointment, so I try not to expect anything haha.

Above: Indi's mural at the first Good Exposure show

Above: Indi's mural at the first Good Exposure show

Locally and internationally, what artists, designers and creatives do you admire?

M.C Escher is a huge influence on my work, as well as psychedelic artist Roger Dean. As for local artists, I am a huge fan of Alma Proenca, Blake Gordon and Chris Dews. I spend a lot of time with my good friends and flatmates Tom & Holly, who inspire me every day to be creative! You can listen to them @the_melancholies


Dream Client?

Donald Trump lol

Best thing you have seen on the internet this week?

This. Big mood

Top five tracks to paint/draw to?

F(R)iends - Avantdale bowling club

Old world - The Modern Lovers

Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie

Sticky Hulks - Thee Oh Sees

I'm so tired - Fugazi

Three artists you would give anything to see perform live? 

Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin & The Beatles

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