An eye for aesthetic, an ear for beats with Nekolye

This Friday, Bassment is hitting The Woods for its highly anticipated fourth instalment. With an all-star heavy-hitting local line-up of Nick Maclaren, KATANA, Nekolye, 2047, Esza, Hyan, and Yancey, it's a night easily taking pride of place on any Auckland bass-trap-rap head's calendar.

We took some time out to speak to Nekolye ahead of the madness of Friday night.

You’re one of those heavy, dope internet producers who it’s really difficult to track down information about. Could you give us a bit of a run down on the man behind the moniker?

My names Niko, a.k.a Nekolye. I make music on FL Studio, and am constantly learning everyday, trying to better myself as a producer.


How did you get into making beats?

I heard my brother playing Deadmau5 out loud when I was about 11 or 12, and fell in love with his synth work and heavy hitting kicks. That's when I knew I wanted to make music, in hopes of sounding that good. I went through all kinds of genre phases until now, but my music will never be limited to a single genre.

You’ve just recently signed to Slo:Wave. What does that collective represent to you, and how does it feel to be part of it?

Slo:Wave is a great representative of dope young producers from New Zealand and overseas that hold a different sound from the rest. It feels good, I get the chance to see a collective with humble beginnings strive for something big.

Who do you personally spend your time listening to? Have you got a strong regular playlist, or is it changing up on the daily?

Different everyday. One day I'll be listening to the likes of Flying Lotus, the next day I'll be listening to James Blake. I listen to almost everything, almost.

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I’ve been scrolling through your Instagram, and you’ve got a dope aesthetic. Do you think that eye for good looking things has any correlation to your ear for good sounds?

I feel like I’m like that with most things, I’m a perfectionist in a way. With photos, I aim for symmetry; with my music I’m quite specific with how I arrange certain sounds. But like I said, I listen to all kinds of music, so my visual taste doesn’t have much correlation to my musical views.


How are you feeling about Friday’s Bassment? What’s it like being among such a strong local line-up?

Excited, especially to perform alongside my good friends Hyan, 2047, and Yancey. Also to see Nick Maclaren live, the dude's dope.