A chat with DnB legend, Commix

Tonight, the legendary Commix takes the stage at Neck of the Woods. Originally comprised of George Levings, Guy Brewer, and Conrad Whittle, the trio captured hearts and minds of Drum and Bass heads the world over, ricocheting through the industry’s top Record Companies with notable tracks like 2003's "Feel Something", and 2004's "Herbie" and “Surround". After Whittle’s departure, Commix signed to electronic music giant Metalheadz in 2005.


In 2016, George Levings continues the fire. With a renewed energy, and a focus on sound design, this could be Commix’s biggest year yet.


We caught up with George to chat about all of that and more, ahead of his highly anticipated show this evening.


Commix’s debut album 2007’s ‘Call to Mind’ is considered a classic among DnB heads. Nearly a decade on, now working on the project solo, what are your feelings towards the work? Does it still represent Commix?

I would say my new work still represents Commix in a lot of ways. It is obviously different though without Guy’s influence of course. I have spent the last few years concentrating on changing my working methods in order to update and evolve from the early Commix material. So the new music will be very different in its texture and content. That said, it is still fundamentally made by me, so there will be flourishes and nods to the early Commix sound.

Rumour has it the original three who formed Commix (yourself, Guy Brewer, and Conrad Whittle) met at a Pokemon competition. Can you confirm or deny this origin story?

I cannot confirm or deny these rumours.

You play a number of instruments, including the flute, piano and saxophone - what drew you personally to electronic music?

The machines, the sheer possibilities they hold, and the concept of using machinery to create something organic and human.

How do you feel about the mainstream’s quasi-adoption of DnB and electronic music over the past few years?

Well, it was always going to happen. It's a genre which has always been adopted in various different ways. I just hope that in the future DnB finds mainstream appeal through quality music and forward thinking ideas, rather than, say, an adaptation of EDM.

Your updated Soundcloud profile speaks to a renewed gusto for 2016, with “less samples and more hardware based creation with a focus on sound design.” Can you give us any more insight into what’s next for Commix?

Further experimentation in search of new angles and ideas to take this unique and highly adaptable music forward into a new era.

There’s a handful of tickets left to tonight’s show, available on the door at Neck of the Woods from 10pm.