Vibing with Wayvee

This Saturday, the inimitable Bassment returns to the woods with its highly anticipated Volume 2 installment. Amongst the stellar line-up is a man who's always let his music speak for itself, champion lowkey beatmaker Wayvee.


We caught him up for a chat.

For all intents and purposes, you're completely anonymous online so far as your Wayvee persona goes (and this one image on Instagram, avail for the stalkers among us). Was that a conscious decision?

Yeah, I keep it pretty anonymous because I don't want it to be about anything else but the music.. As well that, I'm a pretty low key person [laughs].



What got you into making music?

I think I got into producing because I've always been listening to music, and as I got older I wanted to learn how it was all made. I remember listening to a lot of old Drum & Bass and old 90’s Hip Hop, and wanting to know they made it sound so awesome.


How would you describe the type of sound you make, and who do you envision listening to it?

I guess I would describe my music as 808 music influenced by what I heard growing up, as well as what I currently listen to. I've always influenced by southern rap and the producers from there (Lex Luger, 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin, Drumma Boy, etc).


As far as people listening to it, I don’t really see any specific type of person, I just make music that I think sounds good and if whoever is listening likes it then that’s just a plus.


You're doing pretty damn well on Soundcloud, with 22,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of plays - more than a million if we're counting properly - across your tracks. What's it like putting music out there into the abyss of the internet?

Because of the way the internet works, it's always a struggle to stay relevant in the scene - but then again

I just really enjoy making music, and getting all the positive feedback when I put a track on Soundcloud is just a bonus for me.


Who are you listening to right now?

At the moment, Boogie, BeatKing, always some Danny Brown! And I'm always listening to new tracks on Soundcloud.


What can folks expect from your set on Friday night?

Just a mix of my own productions, Slo:wave releases and some Rvr3 trvp gems [laughs].