A.L.C's Iron 'n' Wood visits The Woods

Despite art running through our veins, splashed across the black canvas of our walls at The Woods, we're yet to officially host an art show. Tonight will change all that. A.L.C are bringing their 'Iron 'n' Wood' exhibition our way, showcasing works from some of the finest artists throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the US of A. We caught a quick word with Guy Coney, head honcho at A.L.C, before he stepped on a plane from the capital to arrive at our doorstep and begin setting up the show for your enjoyment this evening.

Swing by from 7pm for an ice cold complimentary Garage Project beer, and soak in some culture, why don't you.

First things first, why is the show called Iron ‘n’ Wood?

We called the exhibition Iron and Wood simply because all the canvasses used by the artists are either motor bike gas tanks, or wooded skate decks. We thought mixing those 2 different mediums of art would make an amazing show - which it certainly has.

How did A.L.C get involved in an art show?

A.L.C Apparel has always had super strong roots in the art and tattoo scene. Every season we have a full artist series of clothing where we work with different artists from around the world. So we're no strangers to putting on art shows when we have such a large stable of artists we work with. But this is definitely the first time we've ever mixed 2 different mediums like this. In fact I think it's the first time it's ever been done in this country!

Could you give us some background on the artists involved in the show, and what brought them together?

We have a total of 20 artists involved in the show from all around the world. Guys like Tony Graystone from the U.K, world class tattooists like Khan (Korea), and Matt Jordan from NZ. Then we also got to work with some amazing U.S guys too, like Tyler Bredeweg and Charlie Coffin.

The show traveled down to Wellington earlier this year - how was it received in the capital?

The show premiere down in Wellington was a massive success. In fact, towards the end it was so full you could hardly move. Lucky we had some icy cold treats from Garage Project brewery to keep everyone cool 'n calm. After that, we took it over to LA for one night only, which was amazing for us. We never expected to get such a huge turnout over there. I think we underestimated just how big the art scene is in the States.


You’re hosting the Auckland show at Neck of the Woods - was there anything particular about our space that had you decide to do it here?

We actually asked like 3 different artists that feature in the show if they could recommend somewhere in Auckland that would suit. And all 3 said Neck Of The Woods. I've never stepped foot in there but everyone we've talked to says it's an awesome setup. I can't wait to jump on a shitty JetStar flight in about 2 hours and check it out.